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Parents and Schools Work to Prevent Vaping, a Dangerous Trend Among Teens

2019 Editions April 2019 Featured Health Magazine Parenting Teens
According to the CDC, the number of middle and high school students vaping regularly rose by 1.5 million just in 2018 — roughly a 77 percent surge. Learn the dangers of e-cigarettes, signs your child may be vaping, as well as what area schools are doing to help students quit the addictive habit. ...
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Chronic Absenteeism: Are Kids Missing Too Much School?

2019 Editions Education Featured Magazine March 2019

According to “The Link Between School Attendance and Good Health,”  a policy statement released this year by the American Academy of Pediatrics, chronic school absenteeism puts students at risk for

... ...
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Teen Drivers: Advice and Strategies for Parents Whose Teens are Behind the Wheel

2019 Editions Ages & Stages February 2019 Magazine Parenting Teens

“I was scared and freaked out, but the only way she was going to get through it was to just do it,” says Patricia Faust, a Medina parent of a

... ...
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Securing Our Schools, Part 2: Addressing Mental Health

School districts in Cleveland, Ohio
2018 Editions Education Magazine October 2018
As school districts work to improve their safety measures, many agree that student mental health is a critical part of a strong security plan. Mental health experts report seeing increases in the number of students suffering from anxiety, depression and trauma. Learn what area schools are doing to address this component of school safety. ...
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