Cinderella Review

Cinderella Review

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Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 8.09.09 AMHey there mamas! I have received a handful of questions asking for a review of Cinderella for you. We had the opportunity to host a 95.5 FISH exclusive pre-screening of the movie Thursday thanks for my good friends at Universal Windows Direct!

I’ll start by saying that Disney’s new live-action Cinderella is the “perfect fit”. My entire family loved it. What I loved most is that it stayed true to the Disney’s original story of Cinderella, but in a live action setting. Cate Blanchett as the step-mother was perfect showing her evil step-mother side without being too scary.  Lily James as “Ella” was simply marvelous. I thought I would find myself missing the songs throughout the movie that I so loved in the original, but  I truly didn’t miss them. I found myself being caught up and taken back in time with the story line. This version of Cinderella brings back the old studio magic to the big screen.

I brought both my daughters and they loved it. Although, I will say her favorite part of the entire movie experience was the Frozen short-film before Cinderella began. I guess nothing will ever top Frozen.

My recommendation: My entire family (even the hubby), give the movie two thumbs up! I would recommend the movie for families with kids 4 and up. Although, my only caution is that some kids may have trouble staying focused with a full live action movie without songs. I think it’s much easier for the little ones to stay connected to cartoons with songs for a full length film. Otherwise, I think this movie was great and safe for the whole family.

And the overall theme of the movie has such a great message to walk out with… Have courage and be kind.

Hope you enjoy the movie!

-Sara Carnes

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