Do you have a Big Enough ‘Why?’ to Get in Shape?

Do you have a Big Enough ‘Why?’ to Get in Shape?

love sitting down and meeting with a new client for the first time. It feels so good getting people started. They’re excited. I’m excited. My team is excited. It’s just awesome!

Finally, I really enjoy learning our new client’s “WHY?”

You see, part of the complimentary initial consultation is letting us know your “WHY?” — the big, deep, let’s-get-real reason you want to start training with us.

When people open up and really look at their “WHY?” and then latch on to it, they can accomplish some great things.

I’ll tell you, in almost 20 years of doing this, there’s nothing more powerful, nothing more predictable for results than a strong, meaningful “WHY?”

Let me put it like this… Wanting to look cute in your jeans or squeeze into a bikini this summer just aren’t strong enough reasons to stick to the training program, steer clear of unsupportive foods, stick to a solid sleep schedule, or any of the other things it takes to make a life-changing and life-lasting transformation.

Sure, I’ve seen plenty of people get fired up for a short term goal (vacation, wedding, reunion, etc.), but the results never last. They “white knuckle” their way through a program, giving up their favorite foods and forcing themselves to workout daily — all in an effort to look a certain way on a certain day — but they never commit to a lifestyle change that will provide lasting results.

A big, huge “WHY?” has a life-changing impact.

Those who DO make lifestyle changes and get great results — and then maintain/further their results — do it for much more important reasons:

  • Be a role model for kids
  • Turn their health around because they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Get off medication(s)
  • Don’t want their children to have to suffer taking care of them like they did with their own parents
  • Want confidence to start dating after years of being divorced and alone
  • Tired of being in pain/discomfort when performing normal daily activities

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ATCL, CSCS, MS, Chief Life Transformer at MaxStrength Fitness

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