Celebrate the Season with Kristi Capel from Fox 8 News

Celebrate the Season with Kristi Capel from Fox 8 News

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Kristi Capel
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First-time parents Kristi Capel, a co-anchor at Fox 8 News in the Morning, and her husband, Hal, are experiencing joyous times with their 1-year-old daughter Kyndal. Kristi shares with us a little bit about parenthood and staying trendy as a new mom.

Local Ties

Kristi’s love of television began as a young girl when she appeared on her grandparents’ Christian television show called “Heartbeat” in North ­Carolina. On the show, she would be allowed to sing or perform.

Her family eventually moved to northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati, and, upon high school graduation, she decided to enroll in Evangel University in Springfield, Mo., where she played volleyball while earning a broadcasting and communications degree.

That’s where she met Hal, who ­attended the same university. He asked her to go on a date one Valentine’s Day. They were married in 2007.

After graduation and her time as “Miss Missouri USA” in 2006, she worked as a broadcaster for local ­stations in Missouri and then eventually Pennsylvania.

Kristi and Hal moved to Cleveland in 2011 from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., where she was a meteorologist. While this is her first move to the Northeast Ohio area, it doesn’t mean her family was unfamiliar with the region.

She says her dad grew up in Bedford, where her grandparents owned Capel’s Country Corner.

“I didn’t get to know (my grandparents) very well, because they passed away when I was young,” she says. “It’s kind of fun that (I can) work in a city where (my) family lived.”

She notes many viewers have called in since learning about the connection and have shared stories about her grandparents, which she loves because it makes her feel closer to them.

New Routines

When Kristi and Hal were thinking about starting a family, Kristi says there were some decisions to make.

“I needed to figure out what’s important, and not only my career is important, (but also) my family life.”

Kyndal was born Sept. 1, 2013. Kristi says Hal named their daughter.

“The expectation I had as a mom is a million times better than what I ever thought being a mom would be. The first second when you see your child, your whole life and perspective change. You can’t explain how much you love your child.”

Kristi has had a great support system, not just with Hal, but her parents.

“My mother always has great advice when I have questions or I am stressed out about something, “ Kristi says. “(She is a big support) not only with Kyndal, but also with my entire life. My mom is my best friend too.”

New Parents

As new parents, sticking to the old routine is not an option as life becomes known as “after baby.” This is no different for Kristi and Hal, who had to figure out what best fits their schedules.

“We have a great schedule, and it works for us,” Kristi says. “I realized (during her maternity leave) being a stay-at-home mom is the hardest job in the world.”

With her schedule, which means waking up daily at 2 a.m. to get ready to be on air at 4:30 a.m., she and Hal definitely have to work together.

“It’s such a joy to watch Hal with Kyndal,” Kristi says. She remembers fondly how she would come home after work and Hal would look like he’d just run a marathon from playing with ­Kyndal all day.

Coming home for Kristi means that Hal, a life insurance broker, is often getting ready to go to work, but not ­before she takes a little nap.

“Naps are very important when you get up at 2 a.m.,” she says. “I have to take that quick nap so I can have fun with Kyndal for the rest of the day.”

The family has fun going on outings to area parks, pumpkin patches and Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavs games.

The family also does a lot of reading with Kyndal, who favors animal books, particularly “Animal Babies” by Andrea Pinnington and Tory Gordon-Harris.

Staying Hip as a Mom

Being a fashionable mom doesn’t have to be difficult.

“When you look great, you feel great,” Kristi says about keeping up-to-date. “Even though you are mom, you can still have fun and still dress up.”

The one habit she has kept after giving birth to Kyndal is her workout routine.

“I was an athlete my entire life. For me to continue to workout is normal,” Kristi says.

She adds, however, that she didn’t realize it was going to be as hard as it was to drop the baby weight and it took a little extra effort. She had to get serious about running or doing cardio.

She also notes how having a child takes away a lot of your “me” time — including those “before baby” shopping trips and primping times. “Things change when you have kids,” she says.

She tells us how Fox 8 News coordinates what the anchors wear every day. (For example, on the day we interviewed Kristi, the team was dressed in purple for Cancer Awareness Day.)

“I use to have all this free time to shop,” Kristi says. “I didn’t have that many clothes or color (choices) so I would go shopping at Crocker Park and buy something to wear for the next day. That hasn’t happened in 14 months since Kyndal came. At the same time, when you ­become a mom, it doesn’t mean you have to throw away your style. It (just) might be harder to fit it in. Don’t let your fashion go to the wayside.”

Plus, Kristi notes her new joy is also shopping for Kyndal — and her ­daughter is already learning how to shop from mom.

Celebrating the Season

Kristi Capel says she’s excited for 1-year-old daughter Kyndal to visit with family and cousins this year.

“This year she will start to understand more,” Kristi says. “She loves looking at the trees, lights and Christmas ornaments. The little things will mean so much (for her) because she didn’t understand last year.”

However, Kristi says visiting Santa might be a different story.

“She doesn’t do well with ­facial hair,” she says. “Santa will be a little bit rough, but we will try it.”

When the big guy in the red suit does pay a visit, however, Kristi says the hope is for some new books, toys for Kyndal’s kitchen playset and a Nabi Tablet.

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