#CLEMAMA: Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

#CLEMAMA: Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

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Sara Carnes of 95.5 The Fish Cleveland Radio Station

How many times have you found yourself stressed out and wound up so tight that you feel like you’re just going to burst? For me, the answer is too many times to count. Let me be the first to say, sometimes I let the chaos and stress of life get to me and I forget about the moments in life that matter the most.

I feel like I’ve recently learned how to “let my hair down” as they say — especially with my kids. I’m very blessed to be able to provide the essentials my kids need, but is that the stuff they’ll really remember? Of course it’s important to provide for them and give guidance, but what about just having fun?

Just the other day my oldest daughter, Makayla, asked me to go on a “Target Run” with her to grab a few things. It was later in the evening, I had my messy bun and yoga pants on already for the evening, but I said “Yeah, I’ll go.” (Because who really turns down a Target run?!) Well, this little jaunt over to the store to grab a few things turned into quite the adventure. Not because of what we bought, but because of what we did. We laughed and giggled down the aisles testing out bouncy chairs and whatever made us laugh. It felt so good to just laugh, relax, and have fun. It was a blast. As we pulled back in the garage that night, my daughter said, “Thanks Mom. See, aren’t you glad you came? That was so much fun.”

Ahhhh my heart. That’s it. That’s what I want my kids to feel when they’re with me.

I try to do little things here and there to make sure we’re always having fun around the house. How can you incorporate a little more fun into the routine madness of everyday life? Here are a few of my thoughts.

Shake it off! Have random dance parties with your kids. We turn the music up full blast and let it out. If someone is bored or feeling down, it’s time for a dance party. I’ve recently introduced my 6-year-old to old-school MC Hammer. It’s pretty great. I mean, every 6-year-old should know the running man, right?

Cook with your kids. I realize this one may sound a little stressful at first, but it can be so fun. In my opinion, not enough kids know how to cook these days. I’ll even get my camera out and film my littlest one as she pretends she’s on one of those junior chef shows. It’s so cute. And bonus: now my 6-year-old loves being in the kitchen so much that she helps pack her lunch.

Play dress up with your kids. Your kids aren’t the only ones with play clothes. I’m serious — bust out that old bridesmaid dress you’re never going to wear again. It’s the perfect princess dress now. My mom used to do this; she set up an entire tea party set and invited us over for tea, wearing a gown and all. It was so fun. Who says Mom can’t play, too?

There you have it. A few ideas to get you started. We all love to have fun and have a good laugh. It’s like an instant vacation. Don’t take yourself too seriously; remember to enjoy life. As someone once said, “Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but it will always add life to your years.”

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