Ways to Inspire Your Child’s Interests

Ways to Inspire Your Child’s Interests

One of the best parts of being a child is the inherent creativity and curiosity. Children are open to new ideas, trying different things, and exploring. So how do you encourage them?

We’ve created a list of ideas to inspire your children to pursue their current interests and discover some new ones. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot (or any!) money to nurture your child’s imagination and interests. Take the opportunity to expose your child to a variety of different activities to encourage a love of learning and exploration. You never know where it might lead.

The Web
Take your child’s interest to the Internet, while modeling safe use, by exploring areas your child wants to learn more about. Check out YouTube videos about a topic, use a hashtag on Instagram to view pictures about this topic, and check out websites geared toward kids’ exploration, such as PBS Kids or Info Ohio. Download podcasts geared toward children or watch a how-to video and learn to do something new.

Connect with or Shadow Someone
If your child has a particular interest, see if there is anyone in your community willing to talk to your child or event let them visit at work. Your child can learn more about the topic by asking first-hand questions and watching.

Your local library is a great resource full of free opportunities to explore and try out new things. Make sure your child has their own library card and challenge them to check out a nonfiction book or biography during each visit. This will allow them to investigate a topic they might not have thought about before.

Community Centers/Local Theaters
Community centers and theaters are good places to look for sample-sized programs. Many offer one-day workshops or classes that combine multiple activities. Summer camp programs also are a good source for shortened programs, allowing your child to try out something without committing a large amount of time or money.

School Clubs
Think beyond sports at your child’s school. Most schools also have fun and unique afterschool clubs (such as photography, art club, theater, etc.). Challenge your child to join one or two of them. Not only will they explore a new topic, they may meet new friends.

Volunteering provides a variety of positives for your child. It teaches them how to help others and it allows your child to explore different interests. Consider connecting some volunteering to your child’s topic of interest. If they like animals, volunteer at the local shelter. If your child likes theater, perhaps they could help take tickets at a community production.

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