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Stop the Struggle: Homework Help for Parents and Kids

Help your kids with their homework
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Education Featured Magazine November 2017 Parenting

Homework can become a daily struggle for parents, but it doesn’t have to be. Local teachers provide tips and tricks on how to get your children motivated to complete their

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Tips to Keep Your Child’s School Locker Organized

Ideas for locker organizers
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Education Featured Magazine Parenting September 2017

Lockers. Parents and teachers have a love/hate relationship with them. On one hand, your child needs them to store books and papers, however, those books and papers often can get

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Classroom Look Back: Ohio Grads Honored by Local Teachers & Staff

Cleveland, Ohio graduates
2017 Editions Ages & Stages August 2017 Education Featured Magazine

Last year’s school year has come and gone. As we move forward to the 2017-18 school year, teachers and other staff highlight some former graduates, from preschool to high school.

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Students Recognize and Show Appreciation to Northeast Ohio Educators

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Education Featured Magazine May 2017
Spring not only brings nice weather, leaves on the trees, and flowers — it also reminds us that another school year is coming to an end. Because teachers do so much for students, it’s important to recognize all their good work. In that spirit, we asked some students to give a shout-out to their favorite teachers. ...
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Ways to Inspire Your Child’s Interests

2017 Editions Featured January 2017 Magazine Parenting
Children are open to new ideas, trying different things, and exploring. So how do you encourage them? You don’t need to spend a lot (or any!) money to nurture your child’s imagination and interests. Here are some ideas to inspire your children to pursue their current interests and discover some new ones. ...
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Picture Perfect: Drawing the Line when it Comes to Sharing Photos on Social Media

2016 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine November 2016 Parenting
Our phones are full of images of events from our kids’ lives, developmental milestones, and funny moments. Parents can easily take and share pictures of their kids with the click of a button. However, the ability to connect with so many people also creates potential dangers that come from anyone having access to content posted online. ...
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Help Your Child Have Fewer School Absences

2016 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Health Magazine November 2016 Parenting
While it’s understandable that your child might miss some school days, you want to make sure those sick days don’t turn into chronic absenteeism. If your child begins to miss multiple days of school, it’s important to consider why he or she doesn’t want to go. Are they truly sick, or is there another underlying reason? ...
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Ask the Right Questions with a School Visit Checklist

2016 Editions Education Magazine November 2016
The decision of where to send your child to receive their education is a big one, so you want to be prepared when visiting a potential school. Use this handy guide for asking the right questions in order to get the most from your visit. ...
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Make the Most of Your Child’s School Open House

2016 Editions Ages & Stages Education Magazine October 2016
School open houses provide parents with the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher, see their classroom environment and learn more about the upcoming academic year. Follow these tips to make the most out of your child's open house and start the school year off right. ...
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