Children’s Museum of Cleveland is New and Improved

Children’s Museum of Cleveland is New and Improved

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At its new location in the Midtown Cleveland neighborhood, the Children’s Museum of Cleveland brings a fresh look at fun and learning for all abilities in the historic Stager-Beckwith mansion.

Exhibits include the Wonder Lab, a high-tech water exploration center. Kids can safely have aquatic play and also make scarves fly from the air-filled tubes.

There is an Adventure City exhibit, which kids can take part in creative, real-world play, such as going shopping at the city’s grocery store and more. They can climb, explore, and build, along with find a book in the cozy library nook.

The Arts and Parts exhibit provides opportunities to design and create, while being inspired by the roof art of the Chinese New Year figures.

Kids — and adults — will love the Making Miniatures exhibit where they can view different dollhouses or create their own.

The museum has a sensory-inclusive room, where kids can go to take a break in the soft lighting and use the variety of sensory tools provided in the space.

The museum also has a cafe and anti-bacterial stations throughout to keep all families safe from germs.

3813 Euclid Ave., Cleveland,

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