#CLEMAMA: Making a Difference in the New Year

#CLEMAMA: Making a Difference in the New Year

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Starting off the new year is always exciting. I think it’s because we all feel that opportunity to make a fresh start: start eating better, get fit, find a new job…yada, yada, yada, you know the list — with a lot of different things usually making it to the top priorities.

Actually, this has been my list forever. When I was thinking about it for this upcoming new year, something came to mind. Most of the time we tend to think of resolutions that are about us. But what if we all decided that this year, we’re adding something different — like doing good for others?

I once heard it called being a “heart refresher.” I loved that. It made sense. Just think about the last time someone made you laugh, smile, feel good — you felt refreshed, right?

I want to be a heart refresher in 2019. You can do it, too; it’s not hard. I’m not talking big things. Maybe it’s a smile when you pass someone. Tell someone they’re doing a great job. I periodically work with someone who is pretty well known in the area (OK, he’s a local celebrity) and is kind of a big deal when it comes to his area of expertise. People follow him, look up to him, etc. You get the picture. He is wonderful. But since knowing him, what stands out the most to me is how he makes the people around him feel. I’ve watched him tell everyone around him at events in the most sincere way how appreciated they are and give specific examples of how great of a job they’re doing. (I’m talking about people in jobs who, unfortunately, don’t usually get thanked or noticed.) And he does it often. It’s simple and it only takes him a minute or two, but he makes sure everyone around him feels refreshed.

Maybe it could even be sending someone a special text as they start their day. Sometimes my mom just texts me a random heart emoticon and it makes me feel good. It refreshes me. People who make me feel love refresh me.

People who make me laugh refresh me, too. Oh boy, do I love to laugh. Remember how great you felt after your last good belly laugh? Wasn’t that the best!? When I’m feeling down, sometimes I’ll even watch insta-stories of my favorite comedian or watch something funny online. So if there’s ever a time when I can be silly or just make someone laugh, it makes my day.

Anytime we refresh someone else, we immediately refresh our hearts, too. What do you think: are you a refreshing influence on others? There’s so many chances to refresh people in so many ways — we just have to take them. Here’s to making a difference in 2019!

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