Extras Help make the Difference

Extras Help make the Difference

- in 2018 Editions, August 2018, Magazine
From L: Len Houser, Juliana and Sara Carnes

Don’t just talk the talk — walk the walk.

Those are the words that came to mind after meeting one of our listeners during a live remote broadcast of our morning show at downtown Cleveland’s Public Square. It’s always fun to take our show on the road because we get to meet so many amazing people.

You can hear a lot of bad or negative news from TV and people around you, but there also is a ton of good happening, too. It’s all around us, sometimes we just miss it. Those good things are exactly what we really try to share.

That brings me to Juliana, who stopped by our booth with a bag full of lunches while we were doing our live morning show. These weren’t any ordinary lunches, but instead, they were lunches with extra TLC. It turns out, she brings paper bag lunches for the homeless downtown every day. Her daughter handwrites special messages, like “believe” and “hope,” on the bags. How beautiful is that? No judgement, just love.

95.5 The Fish Sara CarnesShe’s taking time to not just “talk the talk” but “walk the walk” and share hope and love with those in need. It’s a great example for kids, too, and gets them involved at an early age. As an added bonus, Juliana let Len Houser, my co-host, and me help hand out the lunches to whoever needed them that morning. It really is such a blessing to be able to help others and give back; we really need more of it.

The experience made me think of teachable moments for our kids. I started thinking about how to teach my girls to serve more, love more and give more. What would happen if we could all just do a little bit more? I try to set examples and teach our girls. One of the things we started a few years ago was sponsoring a child in India. My daughter and our sponsor child write to each other and we keep a picture of her out so we remember to pray for her often. Every so often we clean out our rooms and donate to those in need. I know friends that take their children and help out at Toys for Tots and help distribute toys at Christmas.

Whatever you can do, big or small, just remember that it does make a difference.

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