Meet Kids Reporter Nolan Pastore

Meet Kids Reporter Nolan Pastore

- in 2019 Editions, Magazine, September 2019
Nolan wrote a story, “The unlikely rise of ‘Snowball,” about a shih tzu chihuahua mix who is a professional dog actor and model and its owner, Jamie Kinton, of Cleveland. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Kinton and Scholastic News Kids Press Corps)

This Kid Reporter without a doubt is qualified to do his job. A self-starter who launched his writing career at the ripe old age of 4, he began by gifting each friend with an engaging and entertaining short story that would feature him or her as the star. Even his first grade teacher, Mrs. Karla Nalepa, told him he had the voice of an author. Fast forward seven years later, and 13-year-old Nolan Pastore, of Hartville, is now a seasoned Kid Reporter for Scholastic News Kids Press Corps.

Kid Reporters for the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps cover news for kids. They report on current events, breaking news, entertainment stories and sports events from their hometowns and on the national stage. Their stories appear online at the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website and in issues of Scholastic classroom magazines, which reach more than 25 million students in classrooms nationwide.

Nolan’s interviews include an astronaut, an American Idol winner and a best-selling author.

“I have a nose for news and a ton of unforgettable stories,” Nolan says. “One of my favorite stories is about Snowball, a dog in Cleveland, Ohio, who models and acts in TV commercials. I read about him on social media and pitched the story to the magazine.” 

Nolan spent weeks preparing his application for this job. He had to interview someone who made a difference in his community, submit a sample news article and write an essay on the reasons he would make a good reporter. He was facing stiff competition. Hundreds of 10- to 14-year-olds from around the world submitted applications and only 45 were chosen. Nolan was the only Kid Reporter chosen from Ohio the past two years.

Suzanne McCabe, editor of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corp, says Nolan’s submissions showcased his curiosity and ability to go behind the scenes and report from a kid’s eye view.

“Nolan is unique in that he is a wonderful writer,” she says. “He does have a talent for writing. He also has a talent for public speaking. When he does his interviews, he is not shy; he has his questions ready and really understands what kids like.”

Scholastic News Kids Press Corps provided its young reporter with in-depth training. Nolan learned to introduce himself, present his business cards, record interviews, take notes, ask questions, secure quotes, write stories and meet deadlines. Using this knowledge, Nolan honed his craft and began to see the power he had to tell his generation about stories that matter.

“It is incredible to write for a state like Ohio because in some states the subject matter is limited; but in Ohio, there is so much variety to write about,” he says. “I get to meet interesting people and write amazing articles on them.”

McCabe boasts that Nolan is a credit to Ohio, saying “he is an absolute delight and so hardworking. He is going to get me something every month. One of the most popular stories that we have run is when Nolan wrote about visiting A Christmas Story House.”

Nolan has been reporting for Scholastic News Kids Press Corps for two years and has recently applied for another year. Nolan’s mom, Mary Pastore, says they are extremely grateful for the opportunity Scholastic Magazine has provided for her child with this program.

“He has become such a mature writer,” she says. “He has become more confident. His vocabulary has blossomed. He has taken off with his interviewing skills. All of these skills will follow him through life.”

If given the opportunity to write for the magazine a third year, Nolan hopes to secure an interview with the governor of Ohio. He also is excited about participating as a reporter during an election year because, as he says, it would provide him with an opportunity to meet some pretty interesting people.

Regardless of the outcome of his pending application, this young man who once asked Santa to simply bring him a pack of paper and a stapler is certain that writing will most definitely be in his career. 

Nolan says whatever life road he takes, it will have something to do with uniquely telling a story.

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