Back-to-School Tips for Every Age and Stage

Back-to-School Tips for Every Age and Stage

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Over the years, we’ve covered many topics when it comes to preparing your family for the start of a new school year. From sleep routines to school lunches, preschool age to college students, here’s a round-up of several timely topics to help you start the year off right.


8 Ways to Volunteer at your Child’s Preschool
Volunteering at your child’s preschool can be a great opportunity to see first hand what he or she gets to experience during the day, while providing some much needed assistance to their teacher. There are many opportunities for both working and stay-at-home parents to contribute to their child’s classroom.


Crash Course: Returning to a School-Year Sleep Routine
With school on the horizon, it’s likely supply lists have been checked off, overgrown locks trimmed, and backpacks filled to the brim. However, if kids haven’t transitioned back to school-year sleep habits, they might not be ready for the first day. Trading summer’s relaxed sleep schedule for a school-year routine is an important part of back-to-school prep


Get Ready for Back to School with a Homework Nook
Homework may not be your child’s favorite part of the school year, but it’s no secret that completing those after-school assignments can lead to academic success. To help the students in your household develop good study habits and tackle their homework with confidence, set up at least one well-stocked study station within your home.


Stop the Struggle: Homework Help for Parents and Kids
Homework can become a daily struggle for parents, but it doesn’t have to be. Local teachers provide tips and tricks on how to get your children motivated to complete their homework and be successful in school.


Ideas for Creating Fun School Lunches
By letting your kids play a role in planning and packing their lunches, while tossing in a variety of appealing, fun options, you can make sure your students are set up for success. Find tips for creating tasty and fun back-to-school lunches.


Helping Kids Transition to Middle School
The start of the school year is a time filled with excitement, anticipation, and a little bit of nervousness, especially if your child is starting at a new school. Middle school can be a big change for many students and families, so we went straight to the source for advice, asking middle school students for tips on how to help ease the transition.


Ditch Middle School Drama: Help Your Child Rise Above Social Pressure and Bullying
What’s a parent to do when they see their child feeling down, struggling with “mean behavior” from their peers? It’s impossible to shield your child completely and while we would prefer it never happens at all, learning to persevere through such situations and to live amidst people like these are actually important parts of growing up.


Tips to Keep Your Child’s School Locker Organized
Parents and teachers have a love/hate relationship with lockers. On one hand, your child needs them to store books and papers, however, those books and papers often can get lost in the bottomless void that a locker can become. Making sure they get home to you can be tough. So we went straight to the experts — moms and teachers — and asked them for tips and tricks to keeping a locker organized.


College Application Checklist
College application season is nearly upon us and high school seniors everywhere are ready to do what they once thought was light years away: hitting that “submit” button on their applications. Before sending an application into the abyss of the admission offices, students need to be prepared with the many items that make an application complete.


Essential Dorm Details Missing from Your College Student’s Packing List
It might seem like your college-bound child has packed their whole wardrobe, enough cleaning supplies to maintain the White House and more snacks than you think could be consumed in a year, but there’s probably a few must-take items that aren’t on the packing list. Find out often overlooked essentials your college student won’t want to be without.

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