Head-to-Toe Teen Style Guide

Head-to-Toe Teen Style Guide

Skinny jeans? They’re probably ending up on the bottom of your teen’s jean pile these days. Oh, and if you’ve been wondering why your teen stashed his plain white sneakers in the back of the closet — you know, way back behind his hockey gear — that’s because no one is wearing them anymore. Figuring out exactly what is and isn’t trendy when it comes to teen fashions can be tricky — that’s why Northeast Ohio Parent has taken the guesswork out of refreshing your teen’s style. We talked to fashion experts to find out what teens will be wearing this spring. Spoiler: t-shirts and jeans are always in — just with a little different style this season.

  1. Classic kicks

White and sky-high platform sneakers just aren’t in anymore. Your teen will most likely be begging for sneakers in classic styles and colors, along with textured fabrics.

  1. Bomber jackets

“One of the great things to wear for outerwear are bomber jackets,” explains Daisy Tran, a shopping expert at DealsPlus.com, a community of savvy shoppers. “Satin bomber jackets are super trendy right now.” Tran also notes that windbreakers are making a comeback, too.

  1. Showing some shoulder

Off-the-shoulder shirts. Subtle shoulder cut outs. One-shoulder shirts. This spring, expect to see plenty of shirts to show off shoulders, says Tran, who’s based in northern California. It’s a flattering style that’s easy to pull off and doesn’t show too much skin (after all, higher necklines are in, too).

  1. Blush

What’s the hot color for spring 2017? “Blush and bubble gum pink,” notes Tran. Not only does the more muted color work well with many skin tones, it’s easy to mix and match with clothing your teen probably already has hanging in her closet (or more accurately, strewn across her bedroom).

  1. High-waisted & vintage jeans

Jeans will remain the go-to mainstay for style — with a few tweaks. In place of skinny jeans, girls will be wearing more high-waisted or boyfriend jeans (can we say 80s?). And for both boys and girls, vintage-looking jeans will abound, including pairs that look distressed. Shirts tied at the waist over jeans will also emerge as a casual, yet trendy, accent.

  1. Statement tees

“Text-y tees that start a good conversation, especially in large fonts” will be the big tee-trend of the spring, says Allison Kuhn, senior instructor of fashion design at Miami International University of Art & Design.

  1. Ruffle accents

“It’s a very feminine look and style that you’re going to be seeing everywhere,” says Tran. Ruffled shirts, ruffled skirts, even ruffled pants. For teens who aren’t into a super-girlie look, Tran suggests pairing a ruffle-accented shirt with a pair of distressed jeans.

  1. Chokers

As far as jewelry, chokers remain the “it” item, a carryover trend from the fall. Rework the look with lace, ribbon or fabric chokers. What’s great about this versatile accessory is your teen can make one at home from lace or other material you might already have.

9. Athleisure

The number one clothing trend? Casualwear. This trend has been working its way from the runway to your teen’s closet for the last few months and it’s just going to continue. “Athleisure is big among teens,” observes Tran. “It’s comfortable, effortless and easy to pull off.” For example, mix and match workout wear with everyday apparel to capture that athletic look. Finish off the outfit with a sports jacket (think Nike, not Browns) and a backpack.

  1. Stripes

You’re likely to be seeing stripes in spring. “Large, small, varying and even multiple stripes mixed together” will be all the rage, advises Kuhn.

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