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Ashley Weingart is the mother of three young children and she's always running somewhere. Whether she's chasing after her two-year-old with her craft scissors in his hand, hurrying to get dinner on the table, rushing to finish yard work, or literally running for exercise, she's always on the go. Many of her favorite daily tasks have something else in common; scissors, or sKissors as her littlest one calls them. Garden scissors, kitchen scissors, craft scissors, children’s safety scissors, she's nearly always got one of them in hand. Her blog documents her adventures as a busy mom on the run making time to have her fun. Visit Ashley is on Twitter @RunningSkissors and Facebook at Running with Skissors.

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Get a Fresh Start in 2019

healthy recipes for families
2019 Editions Featured Fitness Food Health January 2019 Magazine

As the deep cold of winter sets in, it’s human nature to crave hearty, rich comfort foods and to crave the couch instead of the gym. It’s part of the

... ...
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Meatless Holiday Menu Ideas

2018 Editions December 2018 Food Health Magazine

Holiday meals don’t need to be swimming in canned soup and layers of cheese in order to be tasty and festive. These fruit and veggie forward dishes are nutritious and

... ...
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Pick Your Produce: How to Choose Perfectly Ripe Fruits & Vegetables

2018 Editions Featured Food Magazine May 2018
You want to challenge your family to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and try new things, but you’re not even sure how to choose many of them as you walk through the produce section. Learn some tricks of the trade that will help demystify your next shopping trip. ...
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What’s Really in Your Food: Labels, Ingredients and What they Mean

2018 Editions Featured Food Health Magazine March 2018
Chances are, many of us resolved to eat healthier in 2018. But when walking into the grocery store in search of healthier options, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the facts on the back of the box. Don’t worry — we’re here to help demystify nutrition labels so that you can choose the healthiest items for your family. Plus, we share shopping tips and a quick dinner recipe that's perfect for busy weeknights. ...
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No Turkey Left Behind: Waste Less this Thanksgiving

2017 Editions Featured Food Magazine November 2017
Each year approximately 46 million turkeys — nearly 700 million pounds of meat — are purchased at Thanksgiving. Sadly, more than 30 percent of that will get thrown away this holiday season. Check out some ideas to help your family gobble up those leftovers this Thanksgiving. Because one of the best ways to be thankful for what you have is to avoid wasting it. ...
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Not-so-Scary Halloween Snacks

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Food Magazine October 2017 Parenting
Halloween and sweets go hand in hand, but what isn’t so sweet is the amount of sugar our children end up consuming during all the spooktacular festivities. We offer tips and recipes that will help you create festive Halloween treats that are low in sugar and free of artificial colors and flavors. These definitely won’t leave you or your kids feeling tricked. ...
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Get the Scoop: Can’t-Miss Ice Cream Shops in Northeast Ohio

Ohio's best locally-owned ice cream shops.
2017 Editions Featured Food July 2017 Magazine Things to do
With dozens of ice cream shops and stands, the greater Cleveland/Akron area is filled with frosty fun. Find out where to go locally to beat the heat with a cool summer treat. We also share a simple, yet delicious, make-at-home recipe your whole family will love, no ice cream machine required. ...
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Home-Cooked Home Run

2017 Editions Featured Food June 2017 Magazine
Whether you're cheering on the Tribe from home or heading out to the next hometown match-up, create the perfect menu with these ballpark classics. You're sure to knock one out of the park with these baseball-inspired meals and snacks the whole family will love. ...
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Seeing Double with Dads of Twins

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured June 2017 Magazine Parenting
In honor of Father’s Day, we talked to some dads who are doing double duty as fathers of twins. Learn more about their wild and wonderful experiences, plus pick up some parental advice that any mom or dad would find useful. ...
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Pamper Mom all Month Long

2017 Editions Featured Magazine May 2017
Mother’s Day is May 14, but why celebrate mom just one day of the year when she spends every day focusing on everyone else? Here are 31 ways to make mom feel special every day in the month of May. Also, find a kid-friendly idea for a special, handmade gift that any mom or grandma would love. ...
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