Pamper Mom all Month Long

Pamper Mom all Month Long

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Mother’s Day is May 14, but why only celebrate Mom just one day of the year when she spends every day focusing on everyone else? Here are 31 ways to make mom feel special every day in the month of May.

1. Pick flowers for her.
2. Pack the kids’ lunches.
3. Offer to take a photo with HER in it.
4. Do the dishes.
5. Bring her wine.
6. Give her the day off. Send her off to do whatever she’d like — by herself.
7. Give her a gift card for a massage.
8. Make the kids’ breakfasts.
9. Clean the toilets.
10. Wash the fingerprints off the windows.
11. Pick up the crumbs from under the kitchen table.
12. Have the kids make her a handprint family tree.
13. Pick up the toys.
14. Make dinner.
15. Fold the laundry.
16. Leave her a nice note in her car.
17. Offer to watch the kids so she can go to her exercise class.
18. Bring her chocolates.
19. Take her out to dinner.
20. Take her shopping.
21. Clean out her car.
22. Let her hold the remote.
23. Make her breakfast.
24. Give the kids baths.
25. Drive the kids to their lessons.
26. Arrange a night away in the city.
27. Do the grocery shopping.
28. Organize the closets.
29. Vacuum the house.
30. Pick up the kids from school.
31. Treat her to a mani/pedi.


Create Something Special for Mom or Grandma

Favorite gifts often are those that children make with their own little hands — especially ones that include photos or handprints. A frame craft is simple to make and offers many possibilities for creativity. Marianne Canter, early childhood intervention specialist at Gurney Elementary Preschool, provides the following directions to make this perfect craft for someone special in your family.

  1. Cut out a large heart from cardboard or poster board. Create the message of your choice using markers or pre-cut letters. The child could write the message themselves, if they would like to.
  2. On a nice day, take your child on a nature walk in the forest, at a local park or even in your own backyard. Collect a few branches that have fallen over the winter months; these will make up the frame. They should be small enough so that they can be trimmed with a knife or scissors.
  3. While outside, have your child hold the sign and snap a few photos of them in a special spot with a pretty backdrop.
  4. Crop and retouch the photo, if necessary, and print it out on your home printer or send it off to your favorite photo processor. Glue the printed photo to a 4×6 cardboard easel (available at craft stores).
  5. Cut the sticks down to size. Finally, using a hot glue gun, help your child attach the branches around the photo to become the frame.
  6. Write the child’s name and the year on the back.


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Ashley Weingart is the mother of three young children and she's always running somewhere. Whether she's chasing after her two-year-old with her craft scissors in his hand, hurrying to get dinner on the table, rushing to finish yard work, or literally running for exercise, she's always on the go. Many of her favorite daily tasks have something else in common; scissors, or sKissors as her littlest one calls them. Garden scissors, kitchen scissors, craft scissors, children’s safety scissors, she's nearly always got one of them in hand. Her blog documents her adventures as a busy mom on the run making time to have her fun. Visit Ashley is on Twitter @RunningSkissors and Facebook at Running with Skissors.

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