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How to Support Your Teen in the College Planning Process

tips for parents of college students
2019 Editions Education Featured January 2019 Magazine Parenting Teens
While it's true teens are fairly independent, it’s important for parents to know that there are many things their teens will need from them as they approach their college process — though it may not be the kind of help you’d assume. ...
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High School Extracurriculars: What Matters in the College Application Process?

2018 Editions Ages & Stages Education Magazine Parenting September 2018 Teens
Jazz Band! Volleyball! Student Council! Grill Club! Today’s teens are shuffling from one after school activity to the next, hoping that their involvement in an array of clubs, organizations and sports teams will make them more attractive candidates in the college application process. What actually makes an applicant stand out? ...
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College Application Checklist

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Education Featured Magazine October 2017 Parenting

College application season is upon us and high school seniors everywhere are ready to do what they once thought was light years away: hitting that “submit” button on their applications.

... ...
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Summer Test Prep for Teens

Education/Schools June 2016 Teens
Summer is here and it’s time to shed that backpack and officially put all things academic aside, right? Not just yet. For rising juniors and seniors, this is actually a great time to focus on preparing for fall ACT and SAT exams. The first ACT and SAT exams for 2016-17 are given soon after the start of the school year, so students should take advantage of this time without other academic obligations to focus on test preparation. ...
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College Admission Changes: Tips for the Class of 2017 and Beyond

Education March 2016
High school juniors have quite the year ahead of them as they begin their college search process. While every application year sees some change, this year there are three significant changes on the horizon. ...
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Get Your Teens Ready for the College Search

Featured Teens
The college search process is complex. The many moving parts are daunting and it’s important to stay focused on what lies ahead. When launching into the throes of the college search, the following tips can help ease families into this exciting time. ...
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