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7 Bedtime Storybooks to Help your Child Sleep

2021 Editions April 2021 Featured Parenting
Got a sleep-resistant child? Maybe it’s time for your little night owl to hit the books. Use nightly bedtime story to help build and reinforce healthy sleep habits, overcome common sleep saboteurs and boost parent-child bonding. ...
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Digital Divide: Completing Schoolwork Struggles for Unconnected Households

2021 Editions Education January 2021 Magazine
As schools, workplaces and many essential services moved online in Northeast Ohio, this past year highlighted the growing problem of digital exclusion: a crippling lack of access to the hardware, software, high-speed internet and technical skills necessary for success.  ...
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Moral Courage: Raising Kids Who Stand Up for What’s Right

2020 Editions Ages & Stages December 2020 Magazine
At a time when most Americans feel the country’s values are deteriorating — 77 percent say the country’s moral values are declining, according to a 2018 Gallup poll — how can we raise kids who show courage when it counts? Will they have the moral courage to stand up for themselves or others? ...
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Summer Camp Considerations Based on Your Child’s Age

2020 Editions Camp January 2020 Magazine Parenting
Despite its many benefits, prepping for summer camp can be intimidating for children — and families. From deciding when children are ready for camp, to choosing the best camp for your child, to coping with pre-camp jitters, here’s what you need to know to help kids of all ages get the most out of their summer camp adventure.  ...
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Safety Tips for Pets and Kids

2019 Editions Health Magazine October 2019 Parenting
Recent studies show that kids living in homes with dogs get sick less often than those in pet-free homes and that babies who lived with cats or dogs had fewer allergies later in life. Living with a pet also can help curious little ones begin to develop empathy and kindness toward others. Here’s what to know to help kids and pets live together peacefully, from birth through the teen years. ...
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Guiding Kids Toward Independence at Every Age

2019 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine March 2019 Parenting Teens

Coaxing a baby to use a spoon for the first time, teaching a kindergartener to tie a shoe, or practicing parallel parking with a teen — these routine parenting

... ...
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Spar Wars: Get Fighting Siblings to Make Peace

2018 Editions Ages & Stages August 2018 Featured Magazine Parenting
Angelic images of smiling siblings make crowd-pleasing Facebook fodder, but the reality of life with two or more children is decidedly less picture-perfect. Toddler-age siblings clash more than six times per hour; siblings age 7 and younger fight, on average, every 20 minutes. Also, fights that get physical can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. If sibling fighting is stealing the peace in your household, read on for relief. ...
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Growing up Rested: How Much Sleep Kids Need at Every Age

how much sleep do kids need
2018 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine March 2018 Parenting
From babes who fight bedtime to teens who skip sleep to surf the net, kids of all ages experience sleep troubles. And regardless of age, all kids need enough rest — sleep deprivation in children is linked to academic trouble, behavior problems and even weight gain. Learn age-specific advice for helping your growing child sleep well, starting tonight. ...
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Crash Course: Returning to a School-Year Sleep Routine

Return to a school year sleep routine
2017 Editions Ages & Stages August 2017 Education Featured Magazine Parenting
Trading summer’s relaxed sleep schedule for a school-year routine is an important part of back-to-school prep. While you can’t make your kids celebrate summer’s end, you can plan for brighter mornings and happier days with these tips. ...
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