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Host Families: Explore the World Without Leaving the House

2019 Editions December 2019 Magazine Parenting
Learn how local volunteers open up their homes and host international guests for an evening or a short overnight stay so they can experience a traditional American home. All parties benefit from this cultural exchange, including parents and children, who can learn about other countries without leaving home. ...
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Career Opportunities Provided by Technical Certificates and Two-Year Degrees

career centers in Cleveland, Ohio
2019 Editions Education Magazine September 2019 Teens

If you have a high schooler at home, you’re probably starting to think about what comes next after graduation.  read more

... ...
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A New Beginning for the Burkes

Featured Videos

The wait is over for the Burke family as they adopt Jett and his sisters. The Burkes’ adoption of siblings also provides the opportunity to make medical decisions for one

... ...
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Kids & Food Allergies: A Proper Diagnosis is Key to Treatment

2019 Editions Featured Food Health July 2019 Magazine Parenting
From nutrition to how we celebrate special occasions, food plays such an important role in our daily lives. For those living with a food allergy or food intolerance, meals and treats have to be planned much more cautiously.  ...
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Tips for Healthy Summer Travel with Kids

2019 Editions Health June 2019 Magazine Parenting
Don’t let the sniffles or a stomach ache slow down your family’s summer trip. Whether you plan to camp, hit the beach or travel internationally, it’s important to pack the essentials and have a plan before someone needs first aid or falls ill. ...
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Tongue Ties: What you Should Know About the Growing Diagnosis

2019 Editions Ages & Stages Health Magazine May 2019 Parenting
Whether you’ve struggled with breastfeeding or are dealing with a child who has a speech delay, the topic of a tongue tie has probably come up. But what exactly is a tongue tie, and is correcting it really necessary?   ...
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Go Green: 10 Ways Families can Take Action on Earth Day

2019 Editions April 2019 Eco-Friendly Featured Magazine Parenting
Today marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Day, founded to raise awareness about environmental protection. Take this great opportunity to teach your children meaningful ways to care for the planet — here are several easy ways to get you started.   ...
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Kids and Growing Pains: What’s Normal and When to be Concerned

2019 Editions Ages & Stages April 2019 Magazine Parenting Worth Noting
Is your little one waking up with leg pains in the middle of the night? He or she could be experiencing growing pains. While the exact cause of this common childhood ailment is unknown, there are things parents can do to help. Learn the facts, including signs of a more serious issue. ...
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Celebrating Preschool Teachers: Shaping the Minds of the Youngest Learners

2019 Editions Education January 2019 Magazine

For many families, preschool is the first time a child is away from their parents for an extended period of time. Preschool teachers play a vital role in helping young

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Is Your Child Ready to Stay Home Alone?

2019 Editions Ages & Stages Featured January 2019 Magazine Parenting
Whether it’s an unexpected day off from school, a meeting that runs late at work or a last minute invite to an event, at some point there will be a scenario when you consider leaving your child home alone. There’s a lot to think about before you take the first step into a new level of independence with your child.     ...
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