#CLEMama: You Know You’re a Mom When…

#CLEMama: You Know You’re a Mom When…

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Cleveland's Sara Carnes talks motherhoodThat's where the rest of the PB&J sandwich went!

You know you’re a mom when you reach in your purse at work and pull out a half-eaten PB&J sandwich from the day before. Yep, there it is! I wondered what happened to that sandwich!

It’s those little reminders that are left around the house — and yes, even in my purse — that I treasure so much. I guess it’s the mom in me not wanting my girls to grow up that has me hanging onto moments like this.

And I know I am not the only mama out there who feels this way. In fact, I asked moms on my Facebook page to give me their similar, cherished “mom moments” and here’s what they said — see if you can relate to any of these!

Marion: You go to sign a check and all you have are crayons and small dinosaur figurines in your purse.

Christy: You empty the dryer lint and it’s full of glitter.

Kathleen: When you know where all the bathrooms are at the mall and all the other stores where you shop.

Elizabeth: When you realize your purse is full of goldfish, trucks and cars, and no keys.

Katie: You’re at any kind of school function/extracurricular and no one really knows your name…you’re constantly called “Julia’s Mom.”

Jessica: A trip to the store without the kids is like going to the spa.

Michelle: You find old, petrified cheese in the door handle in the back seat. Who does that?

Kara: You get excited every time you see construction equipment even when your son is not in the car with you because it reminds you of how ecstatic he is every time he sees a “digger.”

Bekka: Yoga pants and a messy bun count as “dressing up” for the day, since PJs are the norm.

Rachelle: When you’re out with your husband and you say, “Be right back, need to go potty.”

Jennifer: You know you’re a mom when you are wearing a Spiderman Band-Aid because that’s all you had in the first aid drawer at home.

Julia: You grab a wet wipe to wipe frosting off a stranger’s face at a birthday party.

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