#CLEMAMA: Simple, Homemade and Straight from Heart is Still on Mom’s List

#CLEMAMA: Simple, Homemade and Straight from Heart is Still on Mom’s List

- in 2017 Editions, Featured, Magazine, May 2017
Sara and her mom in the kitchen. “She’s an amazing cook and pastry chef; spending time learning from her is priceless,” Sara says.

The older I get, the more I love to learn. I’ve always been a history nerd, but more and more now I catch myself wanting to know “Why?” with everything. Maybe I’m becoming more inquisitive or maybe it’s just because my 6-year-old always has a million questions that I’m trying to learn the answers to.

Nevertheless, thinking about Mother’s Day around the corner, I found myself asking how the holiday first started. So, I went where most of us go for answers…good old Google, right? I won’t bore you with all the details but it truly was an interesting story. (If you’re a history buff like me, look it up.) Long story short, the modern holiday of Mother’s Day, created in 1908, was originally intended to show appreciation for our mothers through handwritten letters or cards expressing our love and gratitude, instead of buying gifts and pre-made cards.

I guess that’s not a huge surprise, but maybe it’s a reminder — it was to me. Of course, there is nothing wrong with gift cards, spa days, or whatever you choose to buy your mama…but there is just something even more awesome about bringing things back to simplicity when it comes to gifts.

Every year, my girls ask me what I want for Mother’s Day, and every year I say the same exact thing. I want a homemade card from both of them. That’s it. And the breakfast in bed I got last year from my 5-year old (a Nutri-Grain bar and few Cheerios) just put it over the top. It was the best breakfast ever. (Now, I’ll admit my hubby always goes above and beyond and spoils me a bit, but as nice as gifts are, they’ll never beat my girls and the memories they create for me.)

Thinking back to those times and my girls, I starting thinking how the idea of simplicity and homemade gifts plays into the gift I give my own mother, too. I admit, the last couple years, I went the gift card route and told myself this year would be different. I want something more meaningful. I decided to text her and ask her what she would want from my sisters and me this year for Mother’s Day.

Her answer was something so simple and straight from the heart. She told me she’d love a framed picture of my sisters and me together. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of that before. I guess it’s been awhile since we all took a nice picture together.

How simple. She could have said, “I could use some new perfume or clothes,” — and it’s OK if she would have — but she didn’t. It was just a reminder to me that as busy as life gets and as commercialized as some holidays may seem sometimes, the simple acts of handwritten cards, homemade dinners, and acts of love are still number one on every mama’s list.

So, this year, maybe give Mom something simple and straight from the heart. Even if it’s just one little thing — a handwritten card, a homemade gift, a homemade pie sprinkled with love — I’d be willing to bet she’ll love it.

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